5 Tips Before Buying an Electric Car For The First Time


The presence of electric cars is getting excited with the release of a full electric car from Hyundai, this is one of the rare advances because automotive players have wanted to go down the mountain to start electric car technology, therefore we will provide various tips for you before buying an electric car, especially if you are the first time to buy it. We make this effort so that you can also feel the feel of the electric car, because it is not too bad and not too expensive for the technology we buy.

Changing new habits and getting new experiences is a unique thing for us, of course, the Government has also fully supported the new movement to start switching from conventional vehicles to electricity, in order to achieve go green and reduce the gas emissions released by vehicles.

On this occasion, we will provide some tips or a checklist so you can understand what factors need to be considered before buying an electric car. It could be that financially you can stay with facilities or not.

1. Do a Test Drive

The first thing you must do before buying an electric car is to do a test drive, this you must do first in order to feel how to “feel” in driving an electric car actually. You will feel surprised too for sure and will feel a fairly significant difference, especially the experience in driving an electric vehicle.

You should know, the pull of an electric car is more extreme than a conventional car. Because the torque from the motor can be very large, so even if the car you are using is small, it could be pulling the equivalent of a big car.

When doing a test drive too, it is recommended that you understand every feature that is in the electric car. As a car that you will drive every day, it is very natural that you should be able to understand what the functions of the car’s features are, and what not to do so that a fault does not occur.

2. Asking for Electric Car Warranty

Next is when you have done a test drive of the vehicle, you can ask how the warranty is from the electric car, what things can be claimed when damage occurs. The most risky thing usually lies in the electric car battery, and the warranty is given for a very long period of time, it could be more than 5 years for the warranty, besides the maintenance of an electric car is very cheap and does not require routine maintenance.

Furthermore, the warranty that is important to ask is the warranty of the electric motor, because it is the main propulsion tool so that the car can move. In addition, how to claim warranty if something unwanted happens from our electric car and cooperate with what agency to process insurance claims.

3. Electric Car Payment Method

The third tip that you must ask is the payment method for buying an electric car, we know that the price offered by an electric car is very expensive. For example, like Tesla, you have to at least provide a minimum of 1 billion rupiah, but now there are competing cars from Tesla that are cheaper, namely the Hyundai Ioniq which is sold for only 600 million, you can say 50{eb0cbbe258a46b7d7c454b716cbdd527426ce519e0a22265fccc41f5a3f3f857} cheaper than Tesla’s price.

We must realize that people who buy electric cars are not meant to be used as the main vehicle. So, the economy class who can afford to buy an electric car can be categorized as upper middle class. If you want to buy with cash, that’s very good, and if you want to buy on credit that’s okay too, the important thing is that your economic and financial condition is not disturbed by buying a new electric car.

4. Availability of Public Charging

The next point is to think about how many electric vehicle charging stations there are in your respective cities, if you feel that there are still not many public charging available, you may only be able to use the electric car for purposes around your city. We have to admit, there is not much infrastructure for charging electric batteries in Indonesia.

So, it’s quite risky if you take an electric car out of town for business or traveling with your family. The charging process from the electric car is also not short, it takes at least 5 hours at least so that the battery can be charged enough to start the journey again.

5. Make a Charging Station at Home

Finally, after you have decided to buy an electric car, all you need to do is make a charging station in your home. This effort really needs to be done considering the time it takes to charge the battery is quite long and you can charge the car at night, so when you want to get back to work, the electric car is ready to use. Make a simple to install besen ev charger at your home, it’s make your electricity at home not too wasteful.

Be an important note for those of you who want to make at home to become a charging station for electric cars, make sure the power or watts from the house is sufficient. At least have a power of 2200 watts, that’s the minimum number. Can be more than 2200 watts is very good, because the battery will be able to charge faster.

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