Want to Go Far? First Check These 8 Car Components To Be Safe on the Road


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In addition to being safer traveling during the Covid-19 pandemic, cars are also considered more practical. The condition of the car must be in prime condition if you want to travel far.

Some components must be checked before starting the trip. In order to avoid unwanted events, such as breaking down in the middle of the road.

The following components must be checked before traveling far:


The filter on the car serves to prevent and filter dirt and dust from entering the vehicle engine. Check the filter on the car thoroughly starting from the oil filter, air filter to the gasoline filter. Cleaning the AC filter is also important so that the trip remains comfortable.


In the rainy season like now, the wiper is one of the components that must be checked. When it rains heavily, the view around the car is limited. This wiper serves to clean the windshield of the car from rainwater so that the driver can still drive easily.


It’s a good idea to change the oil before using the car for long distances. This is done to ensure maximum engine performance during the trip.


It is known, the battery serves to store and supply electrical power to other components. If there is a problem with the battery, it will certainly hinder the journey.


Do not let the lights on the car have dimmed especially when you want to travel far at night. Make sure the turn signal is functioning properly because this light can minimize the risk of an accident when the car turns.


Even if there is a spare tire, it is also necessary to check the tread and air pressure on the car tire. Generally, car tires are replaced every 3 years. Change the tire immediately if the tire tread condition has passed the tread wear indicator (TWI).


Brake failure is a common cause of accidents. It is known, brake failure is when the braking system does not function properly or even not at all. Check the braking system and brake fluid before starting the trip.

Radiator Fluid

Always check the radiator water in the reservoir tank. Radiator fluid ensures that the engine does not overheat or when the engine overheats

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