Where Can I Find the Best Tires for Bajaj Pulsar?


Bajaj Pulsar has enormous popularity in the Indian market, several models, ranging from 135cc to 220cc. Some popular models of Bajaj Pulsar include Pulsar 135, Pulsar 150, Pulsar 180, Pulsar NS200, Pulsar AS200 and Pulsar 220.

Bajaj Pulsar is a popular choice among customers, its sharp and aggressive Sporty design, performance of its powerful engines for top speeds, lightweight frame and a well-tuned suspension, which makes it easy to handle and maneuver, even at high speeds. It is also known for its good fuel efficiency & low maintenance costs, and making it a good value for money option.

It is always recommended to use the tires recommended by the manufacturer for the specific model, as using different sizes or types may affect the performance and handling of the motorcycle. Here are the list of standard tyre sizes for most models of Bajaj Pulsar:

Bajaj Pulsar VariantPulsar Front Tyre SizePulsar Rear Tyre SizeFront tyre Air Pressure for single riderRear tyre Air Pressure for single riderFront tyre Air Pressure with pillion riderRear tyre Air Pressure with pillion rider
Pulsar 135 cc2.75-17100/90-1725 PSI28 PSI25 PSI32 PSI
Pulsar 150cc / 150 AS / 150 NS2.75-17 or  80/100-17100/90-1728 PSI28 PSI30 PSI32 PSI
Pulsar 180 cc90/90-17120/80-1728 PSI30 PSI28 PSI32 PSI
Pulsar 200 RS / 200 NS / 200 AS100/80-17130/70-1725 PSI28 PSI25 PSI28 PSI
Pulsar 220F cc90/90-17120/80-1728 PSI30 PSI28 PSI32 PSI

Meanwhile, from the buyer point of view, it’s essential to choose the greatest pulsar tyre selection out of all those offered on the market. You must be aware of the many sizes and tyre patterns (based on road & weather conditions) that are offered for Pulsar tyres before making a purchase.

Here are all the specifics on the best tyres from TVS Eurogrip, the bike tyre specialist, for your Pulsar models:

List of tyres for Bajaj Pulsar 135cc & Pulsar 150 /Pulsar 150 NS / AS150:

List Of Front Tyres:

List Of Back Tyres based on your road conditions and weather conditions:

Crossover Tyre meant for any type of road and any type of weather

Explorer Adventure Tyres meant for long journeys & extra durability

Urban Tyres meant for city roads and any weather conditions

List of tyres for Bajaj Pulsar 180cc & Pulsar 220cc :                 

Radial Rear Tyre (Safe For high speeds) : 120/80 R17 PROTORQ SPORT SR

Crossover Rear Tyre (for city / rural roads & any weather): 120/80-17 PANCER 61P TL

Front tyre : 90/90-17 49P ATT455F REMORA TL

List of tyres for BAJAJ PULSAR 200 RS / PULSAR 200 NS / AS 200 :  

Radial Rear Tyre (Safe For high speeds) : 130/70 R17 62P PROTORQ SPORT SR

Front Tyres 100/80-17 52P ATT 230F TL & 100/80-17 52P BEAMER HS PLUS TL


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