Why can’t an injection motor run out of gas? This is the reason

Often we hear information by word of mouth about injection motors that should not run out of gas. This is said to cause fatal damage to the vehicle. Is that true?

In the following article we will discuss more about the dangers of running out of fuel for injection motors. Well, for those of you who are curious and currently have an injection motor, you need to understand the following information in order to anticipate bad things that might happen at any time.

What are the dangers of an injection engine running out of gas?

Injection motors are widely used by motorcyclists because they are known to be fuel efficient. In addition, maintenance is also much easier so as to allow a fairly long service life. However, maintenance that is not accompanied by appropriate refueling will be fatal. There are several negative effects caused by the injection motor running out of gas.

For example, damage to the fuel pump or fuel pump. You need to know that the injection motor supplies fuel with the help of a pumping dynamo. In order to function properly, this component requires a coolant obtained from the fuel. So from that if the gas tank runs out it will greatly affect the performance of the engine going forward.

Performance on this component will also be very forced because it can no longer be cooled. Especially if it happens repeatedly, it will certainly provide a greater risk of damage. Finally, like it or not, you have to replace it with a new fuel pump, here. In order to prevent damage and avoid overspending, you should pay more attention to the condition of the fuel in the tank. If the gas is about to run out, then you must immediately fill up with gas.

Don’t panic, do this when the injection motor runs out of gas

You already know the dangers of an injection motor running out of gas and now you will know what to do if an injection motor runs out of gas. If the gas runs out in the middle of the trip, immediately pull over and find a place to refuel. You can also fill up either a full tank or a liter of gas. But avoid immediately starting the motor after it is filled.

For starters, you just need to turn the key to the on position and wait for the fuel pump sound to turn off. Then turn it to the off position again and then turn it on. You can do this method 5 times. This method is not done without reason, because this method can make the fuel pump suck gasoline first and the false air inside can be removed. If you have practiced the method above, the next step is to crank the kick starter (it can still be there), but you can also press the starter directly.

How to care for the right injection motor

In order for the injection motor to last longer, several ways to maintain it, such as cleaning the injection system, are needed. You can get satisfactory results if you take it to an expert service place. In order to keep your performance strong, don’t forget to do it regularly. But if you really understand the injection system correctly, you can handle it directly without going to the service center.

Take advantage of the injector cleaner so that all rust and dirt in the injection system can be removed. Because if you don’t clean rust and dirt, it can cause the injection system to experience various problems.