Know the Causes and Signs of a Leaking Car Exhaust


To understand the condition of the vehicle’s engine, it can not only be done by checking the engine. But it can be seen from the color of the smoke coming out of the car exhaust.


Muffler is an exhaust channel from a vehicle engine, the combustion residue released can be an indication of whether the engine is healthy or not.

Therefore, car owners can check the health of the car through the color of the smoke released by the car as an early detection.

The normal condition of the car should not emit excessive smoke. The smoke released by the car under normal conditions is also not thick.

Meanwhile, if the smoke that comes out of the car exhaust is white, there is a possibility that oil will leak and enter the combustion chamber, producing thick smoke. See Photo Illustration ga

By knowing the abnormal condition of the car from the exhaust fumes released, the car owner can immediately take it to the repair shop to prevent further damage.

Exhaust Gives Out Gasoline Smell

If this sign, it means the machine is experiencing the opposite symptoms of lean, namely rich. This is a condition where the ratio of gasoline intake becomes more than air, so that gasoline does not burn completely in the combustion chamber. As a result, when discharged through the exhaust, the smell of unburned gasoline becomes quite sharp in the nose. As a side effect, the car tends to be extravagant.

The exhaust emits black smoke

If thick black smoke is emitted by the exhaust, then this can be a sign of incomplete combustion in the combustion chamber. The cause can be from the injectors, spark plugs and air filters. Because one of the components is disturbed, the combustion is not optimal. Generally, at the end of the exhaust there is also often a black crust.

The exhaust emits white smoke

If this happens, then there is a possibility that engine oil will enter the combustion chamber. In short, there is a leak in the gasket of the combustion chamber so that the oil can also burn. For this condition, the oil volume will continue to decrease in a short time as it is used. So that it can cause scratches on the inner cylinder which makes the engine more damaged.

Generally, this white smoke must at least go down the engine halfway alias unloading the cylinder head. If white smoke continues to come out both at low and high engine speed, it is certain that the piston rings must be replaced. Which means, the engine must all go down because it must dismantle the cylinder block.

Similar to damage to other components of the car, leaks in the car exhaust are also accompanied by various signs, such as:

Reduced power

A leaky exhaust will cause the car’s power to weaken. This condition will get worse quickly if the leak is not treated immediately. In addition, fuel consumption will be more wasteful than usual because exhaust leaks will cause the engine to not move from a low rpm rotation.

Noisy machine

From the bottom of the car you will hear a noise that is louder than the normal sound of your car in general. It may not be too loud at first, but it will get worse when the leak is allowed to sit for too long. To check this, you can try starting the car and listening to the sound coming from under your car.

Strong smell in cabin

A pungent smell in the car cabin is a sign of an exhaust leak that often goes unnoticed by car owners. Not everyone has a high level of sensitivity to the smell of exhaust smoke that enters the cabin, so they end up being exposed to the harmful effects it causes to health. Exhaust smoke that is continuously inhaled can even cause death.

You need to be aware that these damages are not covered by your insurance, even though the insurance you have is Comprehensive Car Insurance. Therefore, immediately check and repair your leaky car exhaust and don’t let the exhaust leak problem spread and damage other car components.

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